Game Action Resumes Thursday

By Eastern Conference Hockey-Monday 31 Jan 2022

The Eastern Conference High School Hockey League’s regular season games will be resuming as of this Thursday with the Louis-J.-Robichaud Patriotes hosting the L’Odyssée Olympiens. Below is the schedule for the next week. The updated regular season schedule is available in the “Schedule” section.

Feb 3
L’Odyssée vs Louis-J.-Robichaud
7:45pm, Festival Arena

Feb 5
Louis-J.-Robichaud vs L’Odyssée
7:00pm, J.-Louis-Lévesque Arena
Clément-Cormier vs Bernice MacNaughton
8:15pm, Superior Propane Centre

Feb 7
Riverview High vs Harrison Trimble
7:30pm, Superior Propane Centre